Mohamed Rami

Prof. Mohamed Rami received his B.Sc., Department of Civil Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt (1987); M.Sc. in Computer Science from the National Computing Centre and British Computer Society, United Kingdom (1989); M.Sc. in Water Resources Planning and Management, Department of Civil Engineering, Colorado State University, USA (1993); and a Ph.D. in Water Resources Planning and Management, Department of Civil Engineering, Colorado State University, USA (1995). He also extended his education through different European universities as Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden (1996); and Brussels University, Belgium (1998). He specializes in the application and development of state-of-the-art mathematical models for management, evaluation, and analyses of complex environmental, hydrologic and agricultural systems. He has demonstrated the use of operations research, GIS, remote sensing and IT techniques for management and planning of dynamic complex systems. In addition, Prof. Mahmoud Rami is experienced in a multitude of hydraulic, hydrologic, and remote sensing models. His accomplishments include the modernization of the IT infrastructure for the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (Egypt), where he served as IT director for over twelve years. He was recognized by the National Academy for Scientific Research and Technology when he received the State Recognition Award for Engineering Sciences for 2008-2009. He has also received several academic awards from various organizations including the American Geophysical Union, the National Water Research Center, the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID), and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. His most notable projects include the development of artificial neural network models for rainfall-runoff processes within the Nile River watershed, a comprehensive multi-criteria evaluation model for water resources planning, a high-dimensional dynamic programming application, and a number of DSS tools and simulation models for dams in the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Prof. Mohamed Rami has an additional specialty with the use of renewable/nuclear energy for desalination projects where he demonstrated the use of decision support systems and GIS tools for establishing the optimal size and location of desalination facilities. He has worked as a consultant with many international organizations, including UNDP, USAID, IRG, EMWIS, World Bank, CIDA, and CEDARE. Prof. Mohamed Rami also teaches at Cairo University and other training institutes primarily on the use of advanced tools in water resources management. Over the last two years, Prof. Mohamed Rami’s research focused on the effect of climate change on water resources and the environment in Nile Basin. He played a major role in the Red Sea shoreline national project to determine the setback line against sea level rise over the next century. Prof. Mohamed Rami is a certified engineer in irrigation and drainage, environment impact assessments, and remote sensing.

Mohamed Rami

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